Apparel Production Control Forms

Working with the cut and sew industry for over 50 years R.T. Barbee understands the importance of providing top quality products in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our production control forms are of the highest quality and are tailors to each individual sewing manufacturer’s specifications and needs.

Commonly called Bundle Tickets, Production Tickets, Incentive Tickets, Payroll Coupons as well as many other names we recognize the importance of these forms and how they are instrumental to the manufacturing process. Our forms not only have to be durable, but visible to deal with the constant moving of bundles on the plant floor.

Working with our suppliers we have developed a pressure sensitive ticket adhesive that is specially formulated for our forms. This helps your pressure sensitive tickets move through the manufacturing facility without having coupons fall off prematurely.

We also manufacture production tickets in tag stock and can customize perforation configurations and coupon sizes.

We keep millions of forms in stock for same day shipping to ensure that our customers always have what they need.

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